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William D. Tucker, III, experienced real estate settlement attorney with offices located in Charlottesville and Lake Monticello

Why people choose Tucker Griffin Barnes P.C. for their purchase, sale or refinance settlement

Buyers, sellers, and real estate agents often seek counsel from Tucker Griffin Barnes with real estate closings at our Charlottesville and Lake Monticello real estate offices. They know we fully understand real estate law, and can guide them through any pitfalls that may arise during property transfer. Our Charlottesville and Lake Monticello real estate attorneys and staff provide closing/settlement services for the following transactions: Sales, Purchases, Refinancing, Deed Drafting, Construction, For Sale By Owner, 1031 Exchanges, Reverse Mortgages, Title Problems, Partition Suits, Right of Way, Boundary Disputes and Family Land Disputes.

What to expect when you close with our law firm

  • Responsive Communication. Consistent contact with everyone involved. Phone calls or emails returned same day or within 24 hours – we want to avoid all surprises.
  • Solutions to Problems. Creating solutions when the unexpected happens – it’s what we do best.
  • Family Friendly. Casual environment with play areas for children – a unique law firm with deep roots in the community.

What some of our clients have said

  • “I cannot thank you enough for all your work. I wish everyone had your work ethic, attention to detail and level of customer service. This would never have gone through had you not been on the case. We thank you from the bottom of our heats.” – Kenneth L.
  • “With the given situation it has been a blessing to work with such a professional and dedicated group of people. We truly thank you all for all that you have done to keep this as painless as possible.” – Julia W.

Frequently asked questions about Virginia real estate closings

Why should I close with a law firm versus a settlement company?

  • Attorneys can protect your legal rights. Closings are more contentious now than ever before.
  • Attorneys can help when needed most. They can often keep your closing from falling apart if unexpected legal problems develop.
  • Settlement companies can only watch you sign papers. They are not allowed to give you legal advice, even if they notice something is not in your best interests.
  • Settlement companies quote purchasers low closing fees as a hook. They then require you to purchase their expensive title insurance.

Should I order a survey when purchasing property?

Yes. It is not uncommon to discover a fence is not the boundary line or a neighbor’s shed is on your property. Without a survey, you are buying the seller’s problems. A settlement company will not advise you to get a survey, since surveys identify any legal problems with the property. If a survey identifies a problem, settlement companies are not allowed to point out the problem, or provide advice on which course of action you should take.

Should I use cashier’s checks or bank wires?

For many years, it has been local practice to require certified or cashier’s checks for all closings. Recently, the Federal Reserve has been putting random holds on these checks, thus causing local banks to sometimes not give immediate credit when deposited into escrow. This Federal Reserve policy is due to the recent increase in counterfeit cashier’s checks. 

One way to avoid the difficulties and delays these holds can cause is to use bank wires instead of cashier’s checks. After consultation with your settlement attorney, buyers should arrange with their bank to be able to wire to the settlement attorney the necessary funds to close. As long as buyers arrange for the wire ahead of time, this practice may actually be easier for the buyers, as they do not need to rush to their bank to get a cashier’s check. Also, as the exact amount needed to close may not be available until just before closing, the final amount of the bank wire can be adjusted accordingly.

Will I have help understanding the settlement statement?

The new CD form is a statement of all the actual settlement costs.  We will guide you step-by-step through the settlement statement and help you understand the numbers.

What is involved in recording the title?

When you purchase real property, you receive the deed that transfers ownership or title of the property to you. The conveyance of real property is not complete until the deed is delivered to you or your authorized agent. The deed should then be filed with the recorder in the county or city where the property is located for public notice that you own the property. When title insurance is purchased, the title insurer checks the change of title to determine whether any defects occurred in prior conveyances and transfers—defects may then be pointed out and excluded from coverage.  It is critical to ensure that each time the property was transferred, the previous purchasers obtained clear title.

What is your fee structure?

We handle most closings on a flat-fee basis. Please contact us for specific costs.  

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