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Difficult legal problems require experienced and committed attorneys. When you come to our law firm, you'll find attorneys who have:

  1. A Strong Reputation -- We're respected lawyers who aren't afraid to fight, in and out of court.
  2. A Deep Knowledge of the Law -- Most of our attorneys concentrate in only one or two areas of the law, which can be a huge advantage when fighting for our clients.
  3. A Vigorous Commitment to Lower Costs -- We work hard to eliminate unnecessary costs for our clients.  We work especially hard to keep our rates lower than our peers. 
  4. A Dedicated Focus on Client Service -- We have three convenient office locations, promptly return phone calls, provide frequent case updates, offer free notary public services, provide handicapped accessible parking, and when you need us, we'll visit you at home, on the weekend, or at the hospital. We want to earn your business.

Please contact us for a consultation - We can help.

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Our firm is fortunate to be recognized by our peers and by our community:

  1. Voted Charlottesville's "Favorite Law Firm," Daily Progress, 2017.
  2. Voted Charlottesville's "Best Of Law Firm," C-Ville, 2017.
  3. Voted Charlottesville's "Favorite Family Lawyer," Charlottesville Family, 2017.
  4. Bill Tucker - Voted Charlottesville's "Best Of Lawyer," C-Ville, 2017.
  5. Laura Butler - Selected as a "Virginia Super Lawyer" for Divorce.
  6. Yvonne Griffin - Featured in VLW's "Largest Personal Injury Jury Verdicts."
  7. Mary Ann Barnes - Selected for "Distinguished Client Service" by Lawyers.com.
  8. Lynn Bradley - Selected as a "Virginia Legal Elite."
  9. Andre Hakes - Selected by ASLA for "Top Criminal Lawyers" in Virginia.
  10. Kelly Roberts - Selected "Top 10 Under 40" Family Law Attorneys in Virginia.

Please visit our Legal Services page to find out more information about your situation. We want to help.