Why Choose Us

Tucker Griffin Barnes - Where Deep Insight Equals Powerful Advantage.

When the stakes are high, it matters who represents you.  Our attorneys are known for:

  1. A strong reputation -- We're respected lawyers who aren't afraid to fight, in and out of court.
  2. A deep knowledge of the law -- Our attorneys concentrate in only one or two areas of the law, which can be a huge benefit when fighting for our clients.
  3. A vigorous commitment to lower costs -- We work hard to eliminate unnecessary costs for our clients.  We work especially hard to keep our rates lower than our peers. 
  4. A dedicated focus on client service -- We promptly return phone calls, provide play areas for children, offer free notary public services, provide handicapped accessible parking, and when you need us, we'll visit you at home, on the weekend or at the hospital. We want to earn and keep your business.

Please don't delay - Contact our law firm today.  Call 434-973-7474 or contact us online.

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