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Criminal Defense, DUI &Traffic

Criminal Defense, DUI and Traffic Attorneys

If you believe there might be the slightest chance you’re being investigated in a criminal matter, don’t say another word to anyone.  Call us immediately. We can help.

Many people think they can talk their way out of a difficult situation. That’s the last thing you want to try. The police are experts at getting you to say things that can be held against you later in court. Losing your freedom is a devastating experience.

Andre A. Hakes – Criminal Defense, Sex Crimes & DUI Attorney

Leila B. Higgins-Fleishman – Criminal Defense & Traffic Attorney

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  1. Criminal Defense Attorney.  No matter what type of criminal defense charge you are facing, the most important thing is to stop talking to anyone. Our attorneys have the deep insight to help you.
  2. Sex Crime Charge. In Virginia, the sentences for sex crimes can be extremely long, depending on the type of offense, the age and other facts about the victim. You definitely need highly experienced attorneys to help you.
  3. UVA Title IX Sexual Misconduct Charge. If the University of Virginia charges you under Title IX, you may be in significant trouble. We can help.
  4. DUI Charge. One of the most serious traffic offenses is a DUI.  The charges can include license suspension or revocation, major fines or even jail time. Our attorneys have deep knowledge in DUI cases, and may be able to help you get the charges reduced or dropped.
  5. Juvenile Law. Any matter involving a person under 18 years old in Virginia will almost always be heard (at least at first) in Juvenile and Domestic Relations (JDR) District Court. We can help you and your child navigate this maze.
  6. Traffic Ticket. When should you fight a traffic ticket?  There are significant pros and cons about taking your case to court or just paying the ticket. Our attorneys can help you with that decision.
  7. Expungement. Criminal records are the gifts that keeps on giving.  We can help if you were ultimately NOT convicted.
  8. Defense of Protective Order. Protective orders are civil petitions with criminal implications.  Being served with one can result in a massive life change without any warning to you. Call us if you’ve been served.

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We have four offices conveniently located in Charlottesville, Palmyra (Across from Food Lion), Harrisonburg, and Staunton, Virginia.

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The following are questions (with answers) we receive on a regular basis.  We hope they’re helpful:

Who is covered under the University of Virginia’s Title IX Policy (Sexual and Gender-based Harassment and other forms of Interpersonal Violence)?

The policy applies to students registered or enrolled for credit or non-credit bearing coursework, university employees, faculty, staff, medical center employees, wage employees including temps, research staff, contractors, vendors, visitors, guests and other third parties when the misconduct occurs on grounds or other property owned or controlled by the university.

What is the role of the University of Virginia’s Title IX Coordinator?

This person is charged with monitoring compliance with Title IX, organizing education and training, coordinating the university’s investigation, response and resolution of all reports, and ensuring appropriate actions to eliminate prohibited conduct.

Who is informed when a report of sexual misconduct under Title IX is made?

Under the University of Virginia’s policy, a complainant may choose to report an incident to the university, law enforcement, both or to neither. Complainants may simultaneously purse criminal and disciplinary actions. The university urges complainants to report information immediately to local law enforcement, including the Albemarle County Police, City of Charlottesville Police and the University Police.

What happens after I’m arrested?

It all depends on the Commonwealth Attorney whether or not you are charged with a crime. Sometimes after an arrest, the person is never charged. Other times the charges are dropped or dismissed.  Ultimately, you could be tried or something less.  Whether you talk or not can make a difference, especially if you say something that may seal your fate.  Our advice, never talk to the police.  Ask for an attorney right away.

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