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Reputable Charlottesville firm seeks amicable family conflict resolution

When you are involved in a divorce or another family dispute, you will likely want to stay out of court. Engaging in litigation can be stressful, time-consuming and expensive. At Tucker Griffin Barnes P.C., we offer mediation as a path to settle property division, child custody, child support and other family law issues without litigation. With offices in Charlottesville, Palmyra and Harrisonburg, Virginia, our mediators are capable of diffusing animosity and finding solutions even in the most complex divorce situations.

Skilled professionals offer representation in mediation of divorce and other family conflicts

If you are divorcing or are embroiled in conflict over such issues as property division, child custody or support, mediation allows you and your spouse to talk through each point of disagreement and find workable solutions with the help of a neutral third party. Individuals involved in a family dispute often find mediation beneficial because it is:

  • Cost-effective — Mediation tends to be a much less expensive option than litigation.
  • Fast — While it may take several years to take a divorce through the court system, it is not uncommon for mediation to conclude within weeks or months.
  • Private — Court records are public, but mediation occurs in private. All discussions during mediation are confidential between you, your spouse and the mediator.
  • Less stressful — Litigation can be highly unnerving. Mediation allows you to avoid the tension of a courtroom and to calmly discuss each issue.
  • Better for children — A child benefits when they see their parents working together to maintain peace during a divorce.
  • Personal control — The mediator does not make final decisions but is there to provide guidance and keep the conversation moving in the right direction. It is up to you your spouse to come to agreements about the future of your family.
  • Creative solution options —Judges are rigid in the orders they hand down because they decide cases within a specific set of laws. Divorcing spouses can craft more flexible agreements that address their unique family.

At Tucker Griffin Barnes P.C., our goal is to help you find satisfactory solutions without the expense or stress of court.

Dedicated counselors guide clients through each step of the mediation process

The mediation process typically moves through the following stages:

  • Introductory stage — You and your spouse will provide the mediator with background information about your issues, and the mediator will propose a strategy for proceeding in a way that optimizes your chances of finding agreements.
  • Information gathering — The mediator will ask each party to provide financial documents and other relevant information.
  • Framing — The mediator will guide each spouse in explaining their position and helping the other spouse to listen. When each party’s needs and interests are clear, common ground is often visible.
  • Negotiating — The spouses will discuss and evaluate the different settlement options until choices can be narrowed down to an acceptable outcome.
  • Conclusion —The agreed-upon terms will be put in writing for review by each spouse. The document can be used for seeking a formal settlement agreement that will be filed in court.

In some cases, mediation is not a feasible option for divorcing spouses. In cases of abuse or intimidation or failure to disclose financial assets, or if one spouse is intellectually or emotionally incapacitated, mediation may not work for you. In these instances, our skilled litigators can advocate for you in court.

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We care. We facilitate. We help our clients put their lives back together. To see if family law mediation is right for you, speak with a mediator/attorney at Tucker Griffin Barnes P.C. Call 434-973-7474 or contact us online to schedule an appointment at our Charlottesville, Palmyra, Harrisonburg, or Staunton office.

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