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Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Partner – Practicing law since 1996.
Significant Experience with Sex Crimes & Title IX Sexual Misconduct Charges.
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Charlottesville attorney André Hakes has 20+ years experience as a practicing criminal defense attorney in Charlottesville, Virginia and the surrounding areas. Ms. Hakes is a partner at the law firm of Tucker Griffin Barnes P.C. handling criminal defense, sex crimes and DUI cases.

To the art and science of criminal defense, Ms. Hakes brings prosecutorial and police educator experience, and a long, successful track record defending clients on murder, sex crimes, drug charges, DUI, embezzlement, assault, and many other criminal allegations.

Ms. Hakes is a double graduate of the University of Virginia, (1993 CLASS, 1996 Law) who practices regularly in Charlottesville, and the counties of Albemarle, Fluvanna, Greene, Orange, Louisa, Madison, Nelson and Augusta, and travels outside those jurisdictions on a case-by-case basis. Señora Hakes habla español, y frecuentemente asiste personas quienes no hablan ingles.
Please contact our firm if you need an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side. Ms. Hakes has a deep understanding of the tactics used by police to get people to talk.

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Sample results from Ms. Hakes’ criminal defense cases

[The results obtained under one set of circumstances cannot be a predictor of future results.]

  • Former Greene County School Nurse Not Guilty of Taking PTA Money – Daily Progress
  • Judge Declares Mistrial in UVA Sexual Assault Case (Prosecution Drops Case) – Daily Progress
  • Man Not Guilty in Augusta County Rape TrialThe News Leader
  • Not Guilty Verdict in Albemarle Rape TrialAlbemarle County Circuit Court
  • Ex-Charlottesville Youth Pastor to Serve Only 30 Days for Sexual AbuseDaily Progress
  • FREE MAN:  Morris Avoids 2nd Murder TrialThe Hook
  • Man Found Innocent of Embezzling from Little LeagueDaily Progress
  • Harris Found Not Guilty in Murder Case Daily Progress
  • Judge Drops Two Felony Charges Against Man Shot by County Police in CharlottesvilleDaily Progress
  • Rape Case Dropped Against Former Church DeaconDaily Progress

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Additional Information About Specific Types Of Cases:

  1. Criminal Defense Overview
  2. Rape & Aggravated Sexual Battery Charge
  3. Title IX Sexual Misconduct Charge
  4. DUI Charge
  5. Juvenile Law
  6. Traffic Ticket
  7. Expungement
  8. Defense of Protective Order

Immediate Tip:  What to do if the police ask you to come down to the station and just talk with them?

Do not speak with the police until you have an attorney. Miranda rights don’t apply until you are actually in custody or arrested. To avoid them, the police “ask” you to come down to the station “voluntarily” to “clear things up.” They put you in a little room with hidden cameras and microphones, where you are being videotaped without your knowing it. They use psychological interrogation techniques to get you to say things that may hurt you later in court. They are allowed to lie to you. You are not allowed to lie to them. How do you protect yourself? Don’t talk. Call us right away.

Blog Posts:

  1. Find out what “Not” to say or do during a Virginia “DUI” stop.
  2. Should you “voluntarily” speak with the police, or not.
  3. What not to “Say” or “Do” if you are accused of Title IX Sexual Misconduct as a student at the University of Virginia.
  4. Do I Qualify for an Expungement?
  5. Expungement Just Got Easier.
  6. New Title IX Regulations are Good News for Accused Students at UVA.

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