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I was in a wreck yesterday and my leg was broken. How much is my case worth?

I could not tell you the value range of your case at this point. You nor I know what future medical treatment you will need. Will you need physical therapy when the cast comes off? Will you need any kind of surgery on the leg? Will you require treatment for the rest of your life? Read More

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Specific Powers of Attorney can be a useful legal tool for many clients buying and selling real estate. Some pointers about using Specific Powers of Attorney for real estate transactions are as follows: Most lenders prohibit Settlement Attorneys and/or other related parties (e.g., realtors) from serving as POAs: plan accordingly. The contract should name the Read More

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The answer, of course, is yes. The better question is, “Can I get the best result without a lawyer?” That answer depends on your ability and willingness to recognize federal, state, and contract requirements regarding whom you must repay. In Part I we touched on the variables “medical bills”, “pain and suffering”, and a personal Read More

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Collecting Zombie Support Arrearages

In Virginia, once an order of support is entered, any unpaid support becomes a judgment by operation of law each month that it goes unpaid. Judgment rate interest at 6% per annum accrues on the unpaid judgment until it is satisfied. What should one do if they have a valid order requiring payment and are Read More

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Protective Orders in Virginia: A Shield for Vulnerable Individuals

In Virginia, protective orders serve as a critical legal recourse for those seeking protection against abuse, stalking, or threats. These orders, commonly referred to as “restraining orders” in other jurisdictions, are court-issued documents that mandate an individual to refrain from certain actions, such as coming within a specified distance of the petitioner or contacting them Read More

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The answer, of course, is yes. The better question is, “Can I get the best result for myself without a lawyer?” That answer depends on many variables. One of the variables is the value of your case. Your case’s value is determined by several factors, some of which are: Your Medical Bills If your total Read More

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Understanding the Difference Between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcies

Introduction: Bankruptcy is a legal process that offers individuals and businesses overwhelmed by debt a fresh start. Under the United States Bankruptcy Code, two common types of bankruptcies are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. While both aim to provide relief from debt, they differ in their approach and eligibility criteria. In this blog post, we Read More

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Injured Passenger Rights in Virginia: Can You Sue the Driver?

Introduction: Being involved in a car accident as a passenger can be a traumatic experience, resulting in injuries and financial burdens. If you find yourself in such a situation in the state of Virginia, it’s essential to understand your rights as an injured passenger. One crucial question that arises is whether you can sue the Read More

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Understanding Damages in Personal Injury Claims: Evaluating Compensation Potential in Virginia

Introduction: If you are pursuing a claim for money for damages you incurred from a personal injury, you must understand the concept of damages and how damages impact the amount your case is considered to be worth. “Damages” refers to the physical, emotional, and financial losses you incur as a result of another party’s negligence Read More

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