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Do you have to pay your health insurance back if you recover money in a personal injury case?

From the Personal Injury Attorneys at Tucker Griffin Barnes: The general rule in Virginia is “NO”. Virginia Code  §38.2-3405(A) states in pertinent part, “[n]o insurance contract providing hospital, medical, surgical and similar or related benefits . . .  delivered or issued for delivery or providing for payment of benefits to or on behalf of persons Read More

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Protective Orders During COVID-19

Protective orders are some of the only matters still being heard by Virginia Courts during the COVID-19 shut down. They are still being heard on the same schedule as they were before the shut-down, and the same standard still applies. For cases involving family or household members, the question from the judge to the Petitioner Read More

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Family Law Consultations by Video

Experiencing a new way to communicate with your attorney: Communication among parties is a major family law issue, without a doubt, but what happens when communication with your family law attorney is jeopardized by COVID-19? Here at Tucker Griffin Barnes, we are 15 days into our program that allows us to meet with clients either Read More

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Virginia’s Dog Bite Law Limits Owners’ Liability

Virginia law provides protections for both dog owners and victims of dog bites. If you are involved in a dog bite incident, it is important to know that Virginia follows a system of contributory negligence. The law maintains that a person whose negligent acts led to their own injury cannot recover damages for those injuries. Read More

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Expungement Just Got Easier

Expungement in Virginia just got easier. Expungement is the process of wiping a criminal record clean where the person is arrested for a crime, but not convicted of it. For years prosecutors who oppose expungement have called fact witnesses in the underlying case at the expungement hearing to show that the charged person is not Read More

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Family Law Mediation

Family Law Mediation Attorney  Divorce – Support – Custody – Property Division Lynn Bradley, Family Law Attorney and Mediator with 23 years of experience, will help you save money and move forward with your life.  Family law mediation is affordable, confidential and fosters cooperation between the parties to reach a timely settlement. You don’t have to fight Read More

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No “Due Process” for University of Virginia student’s accused of sexual misconduct

No “Due Process” for University of Virginia student’s accused of sexual misconduct: I have been seeing a lot of sexual misconduct cases out of UVA lately. The procedures followed in those hearings are not fair, and not what we are accustomed to in judicial proceedings in this country. Right to be Silent: Your “right to Read More

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Don’t Lose Your Driver’s License Over Unpaid Court Costs And Fines

Unpaid Court Costs And Fines Can Result In Suspended Driver’s License:  Here’s What You Can Do About It How You Get Court Debt Court debt is a combination of fines for civil or criminal violations and court costs. Each court determines its own costs, ranging from witness fees to administrative costs. While part of a Read More

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Short Sale Purchasers | Tucker Griffin Barnes Blog

Is the Short Sale Purchaser Ready to Close?  As we all know, short sales do not happen quickly. There are continued requests for more financial information and endless negotiations. Negotiations can become even more complicated if there are subordinate lienholders or if there is a service transfer of the loan.  When the Short Sale lender Read More

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Consumer Protection Tip – Move-in/Move-out Day from Apartment

Did you know Va law requires your landlord to provide a move-in/move-out sheet when you take possession of a new apartment? You can note existing damage on this form.  This will make it difficult for a landlord to make deductions from your security deposit for damages you did not cause. Tucker Griffin Barnes Charlottesville, VA Read More

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